Our company history

In the early 70's some of the major tile manufacturers struggled to meet demand, their factories simply couldn’t keep up which made things very difficult for roofers.  In response Fred and Jim Bick who were contractors began to place larger orders and build up their own stock.  This allowed them to manage their workload when lead times become an issue. What become clear to them was the need for a specialist merchant who could manage the supply chain.

In 1979 Fred’s son Vince Bick opened the first Alltype Roofing Supplies, renting the corner of a small industrial unit on Marmadon Road, Plumstead. From these humble beginnings, Vince started to grow the business. Building a small team around himself he focused on sourcing high quality products, developing relationships with the leading manufacturers and evolving the specialist services that the company would become known for. In 1984 Alltype moved from Marmadon Road to Ripon Road, now known as the Plumstead Depot, our Head Office.

As the company grew steadily through the 80's, 90's and 00's  it remained resourceful, flexible and responsive, evolving with the industry.  Vince's objective was never to be the biggest merchant, but to build a reputation as the industries leading specialist, known for supporting contractors and supplying the most prestigious sites.

Today Alltype is still an independent, family owned and run business.  Built upon being honest and loyal to manufacturers and contractors alike.  We pride ourselves on being a truly specialist merchant providing a first class service.

Alltype Roofing Supplies
Alltype Roofing Supplies Depot

Our Managers

Vince Bick

Managing Director

Founded Alltype in 1979.

Vince founded Alltype in 1979 and has been the driving force behind the company ever since.  As Managing Director Vince is engaged with every part of the business on a daily basis, from our Procurement through to our Transport.  Vince plays a pivotal role within Sales, working alongside our Senior Managers. He is renowned for his long standing, loyal relationships with manufacturers, merchants and contractors alike.

David Roche ACIB, MBA

General Manager & CFO

Joined Alltype in 2005.

David joined Alltype in 2005 following a 25 year career in the city as a Director and Global Head of Debt Trading & Structured Trade Finance for an Investment Bank.  Working alongside Vince,  David oversees our Accounts, Credit and Finance Departments and manages many elements of our day to day running and is responsible for developing new business opportunities.

Simon Haldane

Senior Relationship Manager

Joined Alltype in 1993.

Simon has been with the company for over 30 years.  He started working alongside Vince at Head Office managing key accounts.  From here, he opened our Dulwich Depot in 1995.  At the time, Dulwich was our first Depot outside of the Plumstead area.  A Depot which set the blueprint for our Depots to follow. Simon is now our Senior Relationship Manager, responsible for overseeing all sales, company wide.  He is one of the faces of Alltype, instrumental in the growth of our company and is regarded as one of the cornerstones of our business.

Peter Aldridge

Senior Sales Manager

Joined Alltype in 1995.

Peter has been part of Alltype for over 20 years.  In this time he has become a critical part of our business. As our Senior Sales Manger he is responsible for introducing some of our biggest clients and managing some of our most prestigious projects.  His complex understanding of the supply chain makes him an invaluable resourse to both our company and our clients.

Darren Rowe

Senior Technical Manager

Joined Alltype in 1983.

Darren is part of the small group who who joined Vince at Marmadon Road over 35 years ago.  From the offset Darren has been responsible for evolving the specialist product range which is at the heart of the services we provide.  Darren's unsurpased industry knowledge and experience sees him positioned as our Senior Technical Manager and a key figure within the management of the company.  

Ryan Bick

Area Manager 

Joined Alltype in 1998.

Ryan has been part of Alltype for over 20 years.  Starting at our head office in Plumstead, Ryan worked in Procurement and Sales before becoming a Rep on the road. In 2012 Ryan opened our Bromley depot with Andrew Dawton.  After 5 very successful years at Bromley, Ryan went on to become our Area Manager. Ryan now works with every Depot, alongside each Manager to ensure we run coherently and efficiently as a group.

Andrew Dawton

Depot Manager, Bromley

Joined Alltype in 1994.

Andrew joined Alltype in 1994 working in Sales at Plumstead. In 2000 he joined one of our biggest customers working as a surveyor. Continuing to work closely with Alltype he developed his industry knowledge from the contractor perspective. 6 years later Andrew re-joined Alltype alongside Simon at Dulwich as Assistant Manger.  In this time Andrew was instrumental in growing the business.  In 2012 Andrew moved on to open our Bromley Depot working alongside Ryan.  As the Depot Manager Andrew now runs one of our most successful Depots, managing key clients.

Daniel Luxford, BA (hons)

Operations Coordinator

Joined Alltype in 1997.

Daniel has been part of Alltype for over 20 years. He started his career with us at our Plumstead Depot before transferring to Woolwich to become our Transport Depot Warehouse Manager.  A few years later he went on to become the Warehouse Manager at our Bromley Depot.  In 2014 while continuing to work with us, Daniel undertook a Degree (BA).  Upon successfully completing this in 2017 Daniel was made Operations Coordinator for the company.  This is a role which is systems focused, overseeing every warehouse across the company.

Daniel works with each depot to ensure they run efficiently and accurately, aligning physical stock and processes with systems data. Daniel's rounded understanding of the company and our systems make him a critical cog within our daily business.

Alison Roche, BA (hons)

Procurement Manager, Bromley

Joined Alltype in 2015.

Alison joined us in 2015.  Previously working for the British Red Cross as their Senior Operations Manager for London. Alison introduced new levels of structure and process to our workflow, reinventing how we as a company approach procurement.

Alison has developed relationships with key manufacturers, building upon the companies long standing ties and is now responsible for all procurement and the introduction of new lines.

Alan Knuckey

Depot Manager, Mitcham

Joined Alltype in 1994.

Alan joined us in 2002, starting his career in Sales at our Plumstead Depot.  Very early on Alan excelled in this role and it was clear that he would progress into management.  In 2005 Alan was made Assistant Manager and then took on the challenge of setting up a new depot in Mitcham. Alan was instrumental in developing the Depot and in 2017 was made the Manager.  Having worked with Alltype since he was 21 Alan is very much part of the fabric of the company. The combination of being one of our most experienced managers whilst being relatively young is a testament to his knowledge base and understanding of the industry. Alan has developed his business alongside his clients, evolving the two together. Having such a rounded understanding of both our business requirements alongside the clients needs makes Alan an invaluable part of our group.

Will Dixon

Sales Manager, Plumstead

Joined Alltype in 2012.

Will joined us in 2012 when we opened our Bromley Depot.  With experience working at TradePoint, B&Q, Will joined us with a good understanding of the construction industry. Progressing through various roles, Will's impact at Bromley was significant and he soon become a key figure developing new business.  In 2014 Will was made Assistant Manager of the increasingly busy Depot.  In 2016 Will transferred to Head Office to fill a  Sales Management role, working specifically on developing key accounts.  Often working from architectural plans and specifications, Will has worked with Redland to develop our Estimating and Take Off Services, a service which he now heads up for the company.  Will's ability to work on a project from the design phases through supply chain and then completion is what makes him so valuable to large projects and our key accounts.

Matthew Knuckey

Manager, Woolwich Transport Depot

Joined Alltype in 1997.

Mathew joined our Transport Depot in 1997.  Over the next 20 years he progressed through various roles providing him with the rounded industry knowledge he has today.  In 2017 Mathew stepped up to become  Manager of the depot, overseeing our specialist fleet of vehicles.  Mathew has been instrumental in the progression of our Transport Department, successfully overseeing the implementation of initiatives such as our GPS Tracking, Electronic Proof of Delivery and more recently his department secured Silver FORS recognition.  Mathews complex understanding of supply chain and logistics make him an instrumental figure within our business.

Michele Carlin

Accounts Manager, Bromley

Joined Alltype in 2000.

Michele Joined us in 2000 following a career within Banking. Early on Michele worked alongside Roger Cassingham to form our Credit Control Department.  Building upon this, in 2013 Michele was made our Customer Accounts Manager.

Michele now plays a critical role within our company, managing our Credit Facilities.  A service which is instrumental in supporting our customers and fostering growth within our business.