Alltype can now design inhouse bespoke insulation packages with competitive pricing, including:

  • Tapered Schemes - Laid-To-Fall Insulation schemes or Cut-to-fall insulation schemes. Roof Insulation schemes designed to create falls in a roof construction to create or improve drainage.
  • Non-combustible - Non-flammable insulation
  • PIR - Polyisocyanurate roof insulation, typically used in a warm roof insulated roof build-up
  • Hybrid - A combination of roof insulations put together to provide better costing, fire regulation, meet height restrictions, insulation value, or a combination of all these.
  • Inverted - Where the waterproof membrane is placed over a deck and the roof insulation / roof finishes are placed over this. This will be typical of a Green / Blue / ballasted / decked roof
  • VIP - Vacuum Pack Panel (Insulation)


All designed in accordance with the latest building regulations, including Part B. Please contact a member of our team for more information or to discuss project.

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