Further to our price increase mail in April we regret to advise that we are still seeing a large number of supplier / manufacturer increases. Once again these are being driven by a variety of reasons such as Brexit, the pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine and unprecedented demand from China and the USA.

The latest includes significant increases of 9.5% to 11.5% depending on the product from BMI Redland for August. Alongside this IKO Asphalt went up 12% in April (Which we deferred) and a further 13% in June, compounded this is a 25% increase. We have no doubt other manufacturers will be following close on their heels.

BMI Redland - August 9.5% - 11.5%

Icopal  -  August 16%

IKO Torch On - August 12%

IKO  Asphalt -  June 25%

Knauf  -  July 35%

Velux  -  July 9%


Please be advised that we are seeing a very large number of supplier/manufacturer product increases, driven by a variety of reasons such as Brexit, the pandemic, and unprecedented demand from China and the USA. 
With so many increases it is proving very hard to keep everyone informed and we would strongly recommend that you contact your branch if you are about to quote for work or have outstanding quotes, to be certain that you have the current pricing.
Some of the many increases are detailed below:-

IKO - 6% January, 12% May and a further 12% June
Soprema - 6% January, 11.5% April and a further 3% May 
EuroPolymer - 9% May
Axter - 5% January and 12% April
Icopal - 5% January and 16% May

Mannok – 12% June and 10% July
Xtratherm – 8% surcharge after deferring in April, 12% June and 10% July
Ecotherm – 8% surcharge applied from 19th April, 12% June and 10% July
Kingspan 15% June
Knauf 14% May and 35% July

Velux 9% Blinds 5% July

Cromar GRP 15% Hardener 30% other lines 10% June

* Timber & Lead - Both are continuing to fluctuate on a monthly basis


Once again we regret to advise that combinations of Covid, Brexit and Force Majeure have resulted in further supplier increases.  Redland, Marley, Etex and Sandtoft have hit us with increases varying between 4.5% and 9% across their entire product lines. 

Please refresh any outstanding quotes with your local branch to make sure you are not caught out by these sudden and unforeseen increases. 

Please be guided accordingly.

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