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Axter offers a series of innovative and cost effective roofing solutions to meet today's modern construction needs.

Axter designs and manufactures high quality, fully integrated, robust, innovative membranes for roofing, waterproofing basements and for civil engineering structures to suit a variety of aesthetic and performance criteria. Complementing its waterproofing expertise, Axter manufactures a wide range of domed and continuous rooflights as well as roof ventilation, access, smoke and fire evacuation units.

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Product ReferenceProduct NameStock Line
SKU2528Axter Force Line 3VV (10m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2531Axter Force Line 4 Re Charcoal (8m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2532Axter Force Line 2VV (16m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2535Axter Force Line 4.5 Re Charcoal (8m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2536Axter Thermecran (20m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2537Axter Force Alpal 3000S Charcoal (8m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2538Axter Force SA (16m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2539Axter Force MB 40 PY 180 TS NE (10m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2540Axter Force Solo Charcoal (8m x 1m)Stock Product
SKU2820Axter Alpal 3000S Nat. Slate (8M X 1M)Stock Product
SKU2899Axter Force 4000 S Terracotta (8M X 1M)Stock Product
SKU3625Axter Excel Hr S Charcoal (8M X 1M)Stock Product