Cromar, through independent ownership since its formation in 1997, provides a one stop shop for all flat and pitched roofing products, along with a full portfolio of building chemicals, adhesives, sealants, timber treatments, tanking membranes and DPC’s, throughout the UK and Ireland.

This all-encompassing range features Cromar’s key brand names including PROGRP, Cromapol, Vent3, Flexiglass, AlphaChem, Acrypol, ProRidge and many more.

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At Cromar, we are proud to be a rapidly growing independent manufacturer. 

Last year we made our first acquisition, Acrypol Products, known for the original waterproofing brand Acrypol+, a great addition to the already large Cromar range of waterproofing products.

We are grateful to be able to manufacture a high percentage of our range at our facility in Whitley Bridge, the highlight of which is our membrane plant. Installed in 2009 it features state of the art machinery which produces our range of Vent3 breathable membranes. We are constantly working to make continuous plant and machinery improvements to ensure that we can meet growing customer demands.

Cromar PRO GRP is THE professional choice for glass fibre flat roofing. 

Cold-applied with high impact and fire resistance, it provides a seamless, highly durable, flexible and virtually maintenance-free finish for almost any flat roof surface. Not only that it is heat resistant, storm proof and frost proof. Easy to form around complex details, ideal for vertical work and will withstand heavy foot traffic, even as part of a non-slip walkway.

The full PRO GRP systems includes Resin, Top Coat, Hardener, Acetone, trims, fillets, joints, matting, brushes, rollers etc. Cromar offers a 25 year performance warranty with PRO GRP, when applied by a full trained and approved contractor.

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Hydrosil is the ultimate high performance premium roof coating – silicone based it has been specifically formulated to deliver outstanding direct bond adhesion over most common roof substrates. It covers over one & a half times that of a standard PU coating giving great money saving benefits!

This fast curing roof coating has been developed to form a durable, vapor permeable, watertight & weatherproof barrier that provides long term resistance to degradation from natural weathering (incl extreme temperatures, UV, rain & snow). Not only that but it is easy to apply & is suitable for foot traffic after 24 hours. The list of benefits seems to be endless;, it also has excellent UV resistance, drying to a grey finish which keeps roof surfaces cooler preventing thermal shock and extending the life of the roof.

Hydrosil Silicone Coating is part of a system incl Seam Sealer & Detailer, H.D Reinforcement Roll. Click here to download the application guide. 

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