Embracing new technology is essential to the future of Britain’s manufacturing sector, and our vision is to increase capacity, output and improve the control and consistency of all our products. 

Our road to success is to focus on our people, technology & innovation and to continue to incorporate enhanced quality into both our products AND services.

As a British manufacturer and distributor, we will continue to supply products of unparalleled quality to the roofing and construction sectors.

Environmental sustainability is a topic very close to our hearts and something we are always striving to promote and practice. 

Our sister company, VinylGB, is a recycler, processor and compounder of PVC waste and boasts an extensive range of extrusion capacity and capability. 

We also have the ability to ‘run’ our customers tooling, making us a truly vertically integrated supply chain partner.

We’ve got you covered.

To maintain our bold and innovative industry-recognised brand, we adhere to the strictest quality control measures, ensuring that the highest standards are always achieved. 

We will continue to be efficient and responsible to our customers and embrace their needs.

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